Enovation Analytics Platform



Regionally Available


DER Database

The data to understand DER deployment

Access integrated and nation-wide data on tariffs, incentives/policies, energy market products, detailed DER performance and cost information, climate adjusted building-specific load shapes, commodity prices, and detailed solar output data




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DER Economics Tool

The Intelligence to model DER operations and Economics

Built upon the DER Database with customizable inputs, state of the art sizing and dispatch algorithms with hourly and sub-hourly fidelity allowing the assessment of DER economics down to the zip-code level


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DER Market Penetration Tool

The foresight to see new markets

Leverage DER Database and DER Economics Tool to evaluate addressable market for local/regional DER and forecast future adoption and market penetration



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DER Asset Optimizer Tool

The confidence to operate and value assets

Configure, revenue optimize and quote the value of BTM & IFM DER assets with third-party diligence quality analysis



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DER System Impact Tool

The View for comprehensive planning

Evaluate DER penetration on regional grids and wholesale power markets, integrate with system and resource planning



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DER Site Identification Tool


The direction to find your best site

GIS-enabled BTM/IFM site selection, aggregation, system configuration and optimization down to the address level



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